How to make Semolina Coconut Barfi

 How to make Semolina Coconut Barfi

Semolina Coconut Barfi is very tasty to eat. And you can make it very quickly at home. The components required to make Suji Coconut Barfi are always available in our kitchen. You can make this in the form of sweets on Diwali. Whenever you feel like eating sweets, you can make Suji Coconut Barfi. Traditionally Indian barfi is made using different ingredients. You can store Semolina Coconut Barfi for a long time.

how to-make-semolina-coconut-barfi

Suji Coconut Barfi requires less items to make. You can serve this barfi as sweet to a visitor who unexpectedly arrives at your home.



  • Semolina (Suji)
  • coconut flakes
  • desi ghee
  • Sugar
  • dry fruits
  • cardamom powder

Suji Coconut Barfi ki barfi recipe:-

Method to make semolina Coconut Barfi:-


  To make semolina coconut barfi, you must melt the ghee by adding desi ghee to the pan. Then you have to add semolina and fry it while stirring continuously till it starts getting a pleasing aroma, and now you have to put coconut powder and sugar in it. Add cardamom powder, mix, and you have to roast for 3 minutes.

   After 3 minutes, add cream milk and dry it by stirring continuously. 

    After 3 hours, you will see that the barfi is set. And you have to cut it into pieces.

 Sooji Coconut Barfi is ready.


Important Tips:-

  • You don’t have to make semolina golden brown; you only have to roast it so that a pleasing aroma starts coming out of it.
  • When roasting semolina, you do not have to make the flame of the gas high; you have to roast it on low medium flame only.
  •  If you are roasting on high flame, then the semolina there will roast quickly and remain raw from inside.

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