Mojito Recipe


Mojito Recipe is a traditional Cuban highball. Mojito is made with rum, lemon juice, simple syrup, and fresh mint. The Mojito is a refreshing cocktail and is perfect for summer. Mojito tastes like a fizzy drink.


Mojito is one of the oldest mixed drinks. There are different types of Mojito. Such as Classic Mint Mojito, Strawberry Mojito, Black Berry Mojito, Mango Mojito, Mojito Cocktail Recipe, Virgin Mojito Recipe and Bacardi Mojito. Mojito is very fresh and delicious. The mojito recipe is the perfect cocktail.

Traditionally the mojito recipe is made with white rum, sugarcane juice, lime juice, soda, and mint. Mojito gets its best taste from mint leaves. Whenever a friend comes to your house in summer, you can give them Mojito as a refreshing drink. The ingredients needed to prepare Mojito are available in everyone’s home.

To make Mojito, you only need fresh mint leaves, sugar, and lemon. You can make virgin Mojito with soda if you want. You can also make virgin Mojito from sprites if you want. This Mojito Drink is straightforward to prepare at home.

It doesn’t take long to make a mojito drink. Mojito drink is ready in less time. Mojito drink is very beneficial for the body. You can also make Mojito by adding white rum if you want. Either you can make virgin Mojito, which is prepared without rum.

You can make different mocktails if you want. Such as Watermelon Mojito, Virgin Mojito, Orange Mojito. It is straightforward to make.

Mojito Recipe Ingredient :-

  • mint leaves
  • Lemon
  • sugar powder
  • Soda
  • ice cube
  • salt

Method to make Mojito:-

To make Mojito, take a big glass, put lemon pieces and mint leaves in it, and then crush it well.

Then put three spoons of sugar and ice cubes in it, add 1/2 spoon of salt and soda, fill the whole glass and mix well so that the flavor comes in all the drinks.

Mojito is ready.

Important Tips:-

• You can also use sugar syrup or powdered sugar to make Mojito.

• If you want to make Mojito, you can take mint leaves according to your choice.

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