Dhaniya Panjiri

Dhaniya Panjiri

Dhaniya Panjiri is an Indian sweet made during the festival of Janmashtami. Apart from Makhan and Misri, Lord Shri Krishna also likes Coriander Panjiri. On this Janmashtami, make coriander Panjiri and offer it to Kana Ji. Dhaniya panjiri prasad kaise banate hain. Prasad of Janmashtami is Coriander Panjiri and everyone can make it very easily …

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Bundi ke laddu

Motichoor ladoo recipe in hindi Bundi ke laddu is a popular Indian sweet. It is prepared from gram flour batter, which is first deeply fried and then soaked in sugar syrup. Budi ke laddu is prepared during the festival and puja. It looks delicious to eat. The main difference between the Motichur ke laddu and …

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Gulab jamun recipe

Gulab jamun recipe in Hindi Gulab Jamun recipe is an Indian dessert soaked in sweet, sticky sugar syrup. Bhim chandra Nag invented it. Gulab Jamun looks very tasty to eat. You can make it for a special occasion or a party if you want. Gulab Jamun is famous in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Maldives, Bangladesh, and …

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Modak recipes

Modak Recipes is an Indian sweet and is prepared during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. Ganesha likes Modak very much. It is offered as Prasad on Ganesh Chaturthi. You can make many types of modaks. Such as Boiled Modak, Fried Modak, Chana Dal Modak, Rava Modak, Dry Fruit Modak, Chocolate Modak, Biscuit Modak, and Mawa …

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Easy Brownie recipe

A chocolate brownie recipe is an American dessert. This recipe is made with chocolate. That’s why its name is “chocolate brownie.” A chocolate brownie is a square or rectangular baked confection. The first brownies were made in the USA in the late 19th century. The easy Brownie recipe is liked by everyone, from small to …

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Lauki barfi Recipe

 Lauki barfi Recipe  Lauki ki barfi is very tasty to eat. You can make it very easily at home. You can make this in Diwali. Everyone will like it very much at home. Whenever you feel like eating semolina and coconut laddoos, you can make bottle gourd barfi. Traditionally Indian barfi is made using different …

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